Portfolio: Republican Rally Newsletter for South Dakota Republican Party

in 2018, The South Dakota Republican Party had a collection of names and addresses of donors, central committee members, elected officials and others and wanted a way to communicate their activities and mission during non-election interim periods to show a continued level of activity behind the scenes, as well as to highlight upcoming events, items of interest, and meetings in an attention grabbing, yet cost-effective manner.

To these ends, I formulated and executed the concept of a full-color newspaper for the organization, the “South Dakota Republican Rally.” For the product, I took the newsletter from concept to finished and mailed product, including compiling/editing and writing articles for the publication, laying out the 12-page 11″ x 17″ newsletter, negotiating print pricing, and coordinating the print/mail on the package.

The newsletter remains in production today, on a roughly quarterly basis.


Republican Rally March 2018… by on Scribd

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