Portfolio: Slate Mailers for 2020 Election Cycle for South Dakota GOP

This is another return-business project from the South Dakota Republican Party. I’ve re-worked and re-imagined slate mailers over several elections for the SDGOP going back for a decade.

Based on a theme for a prior piece where we listed several office holders running as “the Republican Ticket,” reminiscent of days in the past where people had the option to vote a straight ticked in South Dakota, I designed this piece to look like a movie theater or carnival ticket.

It’s often a challenging type oof political mailer where you’re trying to feature several candidates in visually pleasing manner, where no one is lost or muddled, and the text is balanced. Which can be difficult when one candidate may have a a four letter name, and another has a ten letter name.

In an era where many political mailers can come off as negative, it was positively received. Now the only problem will be to top it in a future year!

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