Portfolio: Scyller Borglum for District 32 House

Have you ever had a project you worked on that you knew would be a winner?

Dr. Scyller Borglum is one of those candidates with excitement and energy for campaigning, but who brings 100% authenticity with her enthusiasm.  Scyller was a fresh candidate with no prior electoral experience who needed a memorable and cost-effective way to launch her campaign, yet could be scalable as she was able to garner additional support and finding.

Living in Rapid City, near the foothills of world-famous Mt. Rushmore, I created a logo tagging off the last name she shared with the sculptor of the mountain.

I also made the conscious decision to go with slightly non-traditional political campaign colors to create a memorable and highly visible look that was going to stand out from the plethora of candidates who would be blanketing the area in a sea of red & blue materials.

Scyller started her campaign with palm cards, yard signs, and 4 x 8 highway signs, all of which I created.

In preparation for early voting in the early days of the primary, we sent out oversized 6 x 11 postcards to targeted Republican voters. As part of her mail program, we followed that up with another postcard to a broader audience closer to the June primary election.

One of the postcards was also adapted to serve as her billboard display, which she used on 5 billboards in the area as part of her campaign.

In the primary, out of three candidates running for two positions, Scyller dominated the race, and was the top vote recipient.

She was able to continue that trend through the fall election, where she again found herself at the top of the election results at night’s end.


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