Portfolio: Logo Re-Design for Jason Ravnsborg for Attorney General

Candidate for South Dakota Attorney General Jason Ravnsborg is one of the hardest working and most self-reliant political campaigners in the state, where candidates for Attorney General aren’t accustomed to enjoying the support candidates for Governor or US Senate do, so many campaign duties fall on the candidate.

A logo had been created by the campaign in the short term to prepare for the contested convention election, but in putting it into production for a limited run, he found that it did not have the visibility he had hoped for. After Jason won the convention contest, he sought my help in maintaining the original concept, but improving the visibility for distribution.

The originally bitmap logo was recreated as a scalable vector file, emphasizing the candidate’s name and office in a more significant manner. This updated logo was then put into production in the form of yard signs and 4×8 highway signs, as well as other campaign materials.