Political Consulting & Public Affairs

I’ve been helping candidates run for office since 1988, and since then, I’ve worked with candidates at every level of government, from School Board to Governor, and I continue to be an earnest student of the craft.

Far too often candidates jump into the fray without the vaguest idea of what they should be doing to run an effective campaign in terms of raising money, and earning votes.

I say to candidates: let me be your guide.

For organizations and groups, I’ve served in organizational public affairs roles, and have lobbied in the halls of the State Capitol.

With a wide network of contacts across South Dakota, I can assist your organization with disseminating your message, bringing legislation for discussion, and to help bring state opinion leaders to your cause.

For ballot measures, I can offer your group a combined campaign effort; advertising, coalition building, and public affairs advocacy.

Call me at (605) 690-6853 or e-mail pat@patpowers.com today.