Political Consulting & Public Affairs

I’ve been helping candidates run for office since 1988, when I first worked as the State Legislative Coordinator for the South Dakota Republican Party. A job I returned to in 1990. Since then, I’ve worked with candidates and political organizations at every level of government.

I’ve helped candidates and campaigns win races ranging from my local School Board to United States Senate, and I continue to be an earnest student of the craft.  I say to candidates: let me help you along the way, and serve as a resource to help you run an effective campaign in terms of raising money, disseminating your message, and earning votes.

For organizations and groups, I can help you with the tools I use every day with political candidates. I’ve fought city hall with no more than a copier and a committed group, and brought the heaviest hitters in the halls of my State Capitol to the bargaining table when no one thought it would happen.

For your organization, I can offer your group a combined campaign effort; advertising, coalition building, and public affairs advocacy.  With a wide network of contacts across South Dakota, I can assist your organization with disseminating your message, bringing legislation for discussion, and to help bring state opinion leaders to your cause.